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Full-Spectrum of Crypto Services

Full-Spectrum of Crypto Services

From secure wallet integrations to efficient crypto accounting, experience comprehensive support for all your transactions and business needs.

Innovative Payment Solutions

Innovative Payment Solutions

Upgrade your operations with our cutting-edge payment rails and processing solutions that allow you to execute payments worldwide in fiat currencies with any major stablecoin.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

Simplified fees and accounting within Skyline Digital platform allow you to reconcile one on-chain transaction with many payments for goods and services.

Invoicing and Accounts Payables

Invoicing and Accounts Payables

Streamline your financial operations with our professional invoices, and accounts payables solution by tracking and managing your payments within one platform.

OTC Custom Service

OTC Custom Service

Your organization can access end-to-end white glove and private solutions for any needs you may have - “you find a problem, we fix it”.

Empower Your Crypto Vision with Skyline Digital

Skyline Digital is the first regulated company licensed to process financial transactions on behalf of unincorporated DAOs

Flat 1% Fee for Crypto to Fiat (C2F) and Fiat to Crypto (F2C) Transactions

Companies and DAOs can easily exchange money between crypto and fiat currencies, and vice-versa, with a flat 1% fee (minimum of 100 USD for Ethereum main net and 30 USD for Polygon).

Zero Costs for Crypto to Crypto transactions

Our platform users can access crypto to crypto single or batch transactions easily and without any additional costs.

Zero Costs for Crypto to Crypto transactions

Our platform provides an Accounts Payable solution without charging any fees to all its users, whether companies or DAOs.

Zero service fees for swaps

Swapping one cryptocurrency for another has no service fees on our platform, being subject only to exchange rates.

No extra fees for Invoices + Documentary Proof of Transactions

Companies and DAOs interested in these features will not face any extra fees.

Optimize Operations and Access Capital

Crypto Transactions Made Simple: Pay invoices, Raise capital, Ensure payroll

Pay invoices for goods and services, raise capital from traditional investors, and streamline payroll. With our Crypto to Fiat feature, ensure smooth employee payments in their preferred currency or facilitate crypto to crypto transactions.

Pay invoices for services and goods with Skyline Digital

Simplify your business transactions by paying for goods, services, contractors, and all other expenses through Skyline Digital’s platform.

Raise capital from traditional investors

Receive investments in fiat and convert them to crypto on Skyline Digital´s platform, ensuring a direct transfer to your self-custodial wallet.

Streamline payroll with Skyline Digital

Use our Crypto to Fiat feature to ensure your employees are paid in their preferred currency, or apply a crypto to crypto transaction if that’s their choice.

Level up with Skyline Digital

Experience borderless banking that sends your transactions to banking partners and connects you to the Tradfi world and network liquidity providers.

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Buy your assets with Skyline Digital

Execute payments worldwide in EUR, USD, CHF, SGD, GBP, DKK or SEK with any major stablecoin. Or use our On-ramp feature to convert fiat currencies into crypto.

OTC Trades

Access to trades and payments using any token and into any fiat currency or vice-versa.

Tokenised Securities

Aimed at treasury management, we aim to provide our clients with safe fix-income products like tokenised T-bills and money market funds.

Crypto Payments

Process batched crypto payments hassle-free, perfect for payroll and more.

Virtual Accounts

Create e-money accounts in GBP and EUR, and send and receive payments with SEPA, CHAPs, and Faster Payments.

Invoicing Tool

Streamline your financial operations with professional invoices. Seamlessly track and manage your payments.

Compliant Privacy

Coming soon

Swiss banking privacy applied to all your crypto and fiat transactions in a compliant manner.


Coming soon

Physical or virtual debit cards in either EUR or GBP that interact flawlessly with your non-custodial wallets.


Coming soon

Providing web3 businesses and their founders access to specialized loan solutions and factoring

Processing Crypto to FIAT for Free*

Holding our $OTC NFT Membership grants you monthly free transactions and reduced fees.



Transaction Fee: 3%*


Up to USD 10k/month for free
Transaction Fee: 2%*
USD 225/month


Up to USD 30k/month for free
Transaction Fee: 1.5%*
USD 525/month


Up to USD 60k/month for free
Transaction Fee: 1.25%*
USD 900/month