The Future of Finance is Non-Custodial

A Non-Custodial Solution opening the doors of TradFi for Web3 Businesses and Founders.
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Servicing the Underbanked Web3 Business Community

Skyline Digital understands the challenges of bridging on-chain assets to the real world. 

With Skyline Digital’s non-custodial solution, underbanked Web3 Businesses and Founders have direct and transparent access to third-party Fiat payments, cards, loans and tokenized securities. 

Level up with Skyline Digital

A hassle-free solution that sends your transactions to banking partners, and connects you to the TradFi world and network liquidity providers.

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Handle your Fiat Transactions with One Click

Connect your Metamask wallet and execute payments in EUR USD CHF GBP with stablecoins to pay for business expenses.

* Gnosis Safe coming soon

Raise Funds in any Currency or Stablecoin

Raise fiercely with investors, as Skyline Digital will KYC and process all transactions to your wallet in the stablecoin of your choice. 

Exchange Large Crypto Orders Hassle-Free

Book large transactions through Skyline Digital’s network of liquidity providers and trusted partners in less than 24h.

Processing Crypto to FIAT for Free*

Holding our $OTC NFT Membership grants you monthly free transactions and reduced fees.



Transaction Fee: 3%*


Up to USD 10k/month for free
Transaction Fee: 2%*
USD 225/month


Up to USD 30k/month for free
Transaction Fee: 1.5%*
USD 525/month


Up to USD 60k/month for free
Transaction Fee: 1.25%*
USD 900/month

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Feel free to contact Skyline Digital at any time.
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