December 12, 2023

Top 6 moments for Skyline Digital in 2023

This year marks a real breakthrough for Skyline Digital, with several milestones being achieved.

This year marks a real breakthrough for Skyline Digital. Our team worked really hard to accomplish several achievements that were on our roadmap. 
We developed new features to empower our users and help them enjoy our seamless platform for transactions and payments, such as the introduction of new currencies in our solution, the streamlined onboarding process, and our API launch, among others. Our efforts have earned us recognition as a top startup, and we are actively cultivating a network of valuable partnerships.

As we enter a new growth stage, we can’t help but look back at all we have achieved so far. 2023 really was a year that helped us prove our value to the market and bring our promises to fruition, creating a better experience for our customers.

Our journey was not without challenges, but we must celebrate our victories this year.

Here are our top 6 moments from 2023 that will forever mark our history:

1. Skyline Digital integrates SAFE

Back in July, we added the SAFE multi-sig wallet to our portfolio of accepted wallets, along with Metamask and WalletConnect. This was a huge step towards accommodating new customers with a preference for this wallet, allowing us to open the doors to a new audience. 

SAFE is considered to be “the most trusted multi-sig wallet and platform to store digital assets on Ethereum and popular EVM chains”, and can be used by individuals, companies, funds, DAOs, developers, and investors.

Users can now:

✅ Securely manage their treasury

✅ Fully customize their crypto asset management 

✅ Set the threshold number of signers for multi-sig transactions

✅ Track and manage all multi-sig transaction activity

✅ Experience advanced security measures

✅ Streamline and optimize financial workflows

As we prioritize the security and satisfaction of our valued users, the partnership with SAFE is more than an integration; it is a significant step forward in our mission to provide a safe and seamless financial experience for our Web3 community.

2. Skyline Digital launches crypto-to-crypto batch payments

In November, we launched a major feature that intends to revolutionize how businesses handle batch payments in the crypto world. This new Crypto to Crypto Batch Payments allows customers to execute multiple payments in a single on-chain transaction with ZERO fees.

As you can see in detail here, this is a new way for Web3 Businesses to streamline their financial operations by bundling numerous transactions into one, thereby reducing the time and effort to process individual payments.

The main advantages of this new possibility are:

✅ Efficiency and Speed

✅ Cost-Effectiveness

✅ Transparent Transactions

✅ Safelist of beneficiaries

Our main goal is to keep evolving and matching our customers’ needs.

3. Skyline Digital announces Polygon Mainnet integration

This December, we rolled out an integration that allows customers to choose which network they rather use for their transactions. This means more freedom for users, as well as an update in fees.

With Polygon, we can lower our minimum fees while maintaining our transparent policy of no gas fees, no onboarding or ongoing fees, with only 1% + 10 USD per payment.

As for minimum fees, they are as follows:

✅ Ethereum - USD 100 minimum fee

✅ Polygon - USD 30 minimum fee

4. Skyline Digital is one of the Top 100 startups in Slush

In September, Skyline Digital received amazing news: we made it into the Top 100 startups in Slush! This was such a big moment for us since there were more than 1,000 ambitious early-stage startups vying for this honor. It was a testament to our innovation and dedication to continuously improving the future of payments.

Slush 100 is the ultimate global startup competition, offering a chance at a €1,000,000 investment from 5 top-tier venture capital firms.

5. Skyline Digital joins the GloConsortium

In October, we rolled out the integration of Glo Dollar Token support in Skyline Digital’s platform. In order to do so, we became a member of the GloConsortium, a group of 28 organizations that share the belief that Glo Dollar can contribute to making the world a better place.

Not only does this stablecoin allow for yet another way of storing, trading, and making payments with crypto, but it also has a social responsibility component created and shared by the Glo Foundation.

By using this coin, businesses are helping end world poverty, one person at a time, by promoting social change and economic empowerment.

Learn more about the Glo Consortium here and join the mission by embracing this stablecoin today!

6. Skyline Digital consolidates new partnerships

We believe that cooperation is the key to success. As we want to provide our customers with the best solutions to tackle their needs, we have partnered with different entities throughout the year so we can ensure our clients can run their successful operations without any issues.

In 2023, we consolidated a few partnerships we believe to be an advantage to our users:

- Backed Finance

Backed Finance has developed tokenized real-world assets on Ethereum designed to make capital markets more equitable and accessible.

Skyline Digital’s mission is very aligned with Backed Finance, as we want to bridge the gap between DeFi and TradFi. With this partnership, we want to provide our clients with seamless access to a diverse range of tokenized securities, including US Treasury bill ETFs and more, without undergoing a Re-KYC. This means we handle all the necessary procedures in-house, allowing users to focus on what truly matters – their investment strategies and financial goals. Through Skyline, they will also enjoy the same issuance and redemption fees as through Backed Finance.

- Darien Advisors

Darien Advisors has a team of in-house experts dedicated to providing crypto tax advice for its clients, handling the complex tax reporting and advisory work with specific cryptocurrency needs.

This collaboration allows the Skyline Digital community to have access to crypto tax knowledge and advice from a specialized partner.

- Landing.Jobs

Landing.Jobs is a one-stop-shop partner for all tech hiring needs, providing access to a community of 150K+ local and international candidates on its platform.

Through our alliance with Landing.Jobs, we empower Web3 businesses to effortlessly access top-tier talent while offering talented individuals the opportunity to work with the most innovative and forward-thinking companies. It also allows for the ability to remunerate employees in Fiat while accessing Landing.Jobs' IT recruitment services directly from their crypto wallets.

- OtoCo

OtoCo is a community-governed, open-source Web3 platform that lets users form and control legal entities from the comfort of their wallets. Their goal is to help builders and investors in crypto and tech form and maintain their legal entities in all major jurisdictions around the world.

The Web3 dApp has integrated a groundbreaking plugin that allows its users with legal entities to make Crypto to Fiat Payments globally without the need for a traditional bank account. This collaboration is all about making financial transactions more straightforward and accessible for clients of both entities.

Ending the year on such a good note, we are looking forward to 2024 and all the adventures it might bring us. We remain dedicated to continuously improving our services and offering our customers the best self-custodial solutions.

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