April 16, 2024

On-ramping with Skyline Digital: an open door to the crypto world

Skyline Digital has just launched its On-ramping feature to empower users.

Ever since its inception, Skyline Digital has had a vision: to become the one-stop shop for all payment procedures and treasury management needs of crypto companies, DAOs, and high-net-worth individuals. We are constantly working towards this goal, with new features being launched on a monthly basis, the latest one being our On-ramping feature.

As many crypto businesses look for a solution to help them manage their assets easily and effortlessly, providing a simple and reliable on-ramping solution is key to attracting and retaining more clients. At Skyline Digital, we have developed an entire ecosystem for asset management that allows our customers to have full flexibility and control over their portfolio, meaning they can easily swap fiat to crypto and apply it where they see more fit.

This new feature will allow more businesses and High Net-worth Individuals to join our community by making it easier for them to access crypto. Even people who are new to the crypto world can easily access stablecoins or cryptocurrencies with a few simple steps.

What are the advantages of an in-platform on-ramping?

Today, DeFi and TradFi are still worlds apart. As the tech world is working to bridge this gap between traditional banking and new decentralized financial platforms, Skyline Digital emerges as a new solution, developing an easy-to-use and intuitive on-ramping tool to allow its customers to convert fiat money into crypto assets easily while also working on other complementary features.

Some of the main advantages of an in-platform on-ramping include:

  • Flexibility

Users can decide when and where to convert fiat into crypto, provided they have an internet connection and access to their online banking.

  • Liquidity

Businesses can decide what amounts to convert and which assets to hold in their portfolio, choosing their preferred token.

  • User Experience

In-platform on-ramping is usually a built-in functionality with focus on user experience, ensuring anyone can use this feature regardless of their level of understanding of crypto or Web3.

  • Fast Transactions

These platforms make transactions easier and quicker, as they wish to keep customers happy and in control of their finances.

What sets our on-ramping feature apart?

Skyline Digital's support team is a critical factor that sets our platform apart. Most users give us great feedback on how they receive a quick and accurate response on our Telegram support and their issues are rapidly resolved.

We are also recognized for our enhanced security and anti-money laundering (AML) best practices, as we are a regulated entity, registered as a VASP and financial intermediary in VQF, an SRO supervised by FINMA in Switzerland, and also a VASP registered with OAM in Italy.

How can you on-ramp with Skyline Digital?

You can follow simple steps to ensure your on-ramping process goes smoothly:

  1. Add your wallet to your account

This first step involves connecting your digital wallet, which can be Metamask, SAFE, WalletConnect, or Ledger Wallet, to your account on our platform. This will allow you to use it for all payments and procedures within Skyline Digital’s interface.

  1. Make sure your wallet is whitelisted

Whitelisting your wallet is key to several procedures within our platform. This process entails verifying your wallet ownership and ensuring it meets our security and compliance standards. This step is crucial for security and regulatory purposes. If you encounter any difficulties, you can always contact our support team.

  1. Add the destination wallet address and cryptocurrency

In the platform settings tab, you’ll be asked to specify the destination wallet address to which you want to transfer your funds. You will also specify the type of cryptocurrency you want us to convert your fiat into, as we offer various cryptocurrency options. We ensure the trade will be done at the best rate we can find.

  1. Select the “on-ramp” feature

In the platform's interface, navigate to the “Transactions” feature you can find on the Menu, and specifically select the "on-ramp" tab. 

  1. Select the fiat currency you’d like to convert

Select the fiat currency you'll use to transfer funds to the platform. This can be your local currency or any other currency supported by our platform. At this moment, we support EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, and SGD, on our platform, but we accept any currency via OTC.

  1. Check the transfer details

Review the details of the selected currency. Additionally, it's important to include the customer reference provided by Skyline Digital to ensure that the transaction is properly attributed to your account. If you’d rather, you can request a named account (vIBAN) and no reference will be needed to complete this procedure.

The transaction should be completed within 2 to 36 hours.

If you find yourself having difficulties in any of these steps, feel free to contact our support team available 24/7 through our Telegram @skylineotc.

Skyline Digital also facilitates Crypto to Crypto Payments, Crypto to Fiat Transactions, Cross-Border Payments, Accounts Payables, OTC trades, tokenized real-world assets such as US Treasury bills, and vIBANs, and will soon roll out TradFi and DeFi features, such as more invoicing functionalities, cards, and loans, according to market demand.

If you'd like to schedule a call to learn more about our platform, please get in touch with us on Telegram.

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