November 16, 2023

How Skyline Digital is revolutionizing the crypto payments industry

Skyline Digital is a new way for Web3 Businesses, DAOs, Founders, and High-Net-Worth Individuals to explore payment options

Skyline Digital is a new way for Web3 Businesses, DAOs, Founders, and High-Net-Worth Individuals to explore payment options within one decentralized platform.
This solution intends to diminish the substantial risks and unreliability of custodial and centralized crypto payments and to create a direct bridge between asset holders and traditional financial services.

Skyline Digital was born out of the need to present an alternative solution to traditional banks and financial institutions, as well as custodial crypto exchanges. Its goal is to create a non-custodial option for direct and transparent access to third-party fiat payments, tokenized securities, and OTC trades.

As a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) based in Zug, Switzerland, Skyline Digital benefits from a crypto-friendly and lightly regulated environment, making it an ideal operating base. This means customers can enjoy seamless access to financial transactions and OTC trades, streamlining the execution of single or batched payments for business expenses, contractors, and service providers.

Skyline Digital’s platform ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements and best practices in the OTC trading market, namely the security of data and privacy of clients' identification and personal info.

Upon its creation, our solution was developed to be user-friendly and to support incremental growth and accommodate new features along the way. At the core of Skyline Digital is a community-driven philosophy. We believe our users shape the platform's future. As we introduce new features, services, and benefits, we actively seek input and feedback, aligning our roadmap with real market needs.

As of now, our solution is able to integrate:

  1. Crypto-to-Fiat Payments

Pay in EUR, USD, CHF, SGD, or GBP with any major stablecoin. 

  1. OTC Trades

Access trades and payments using any token and turning them into any fiat currency or vice-versa. 

  1. Tokenized Securities

Guarantee safe fixed-income products like tokenized T-bills and money market funds. 

  1. Crypto Payments

Process single or batched crypto payments hassle-free for business expenses, contractors, and service providers. 

  1. Virtual Accounts

Create named e-money accounts in GBP and EUR, making payments with SEPA, CHAPs, and Faster Payments.

Our licensing framework enables us to offer global access to tradfi services and payment remittance for third parties worldwide.

Being fully remote and decentralized, our globally distributed team can ensure 24/7 support to our customers.

How Skyline is different from other solutions

What sets us apart from our competitors is our unique solution, which allows customers to access a number of traditional financial services, using one single platform and a secure method for deploying their crypto assets.

Our solution allows you to simplify your CFO and accountant’s work, and streamline your financial processes with easy payment reconciliation. Also, we are very transparent with our business model: we have a flat transaction fee of 1% + 10 USD, with no onboarding or ongoing fees.

We comply with all regulatory measures, such as tax implications, anti-money laundering (AML),  know-your-customer (KYC) and know-your-business (KYB) regulations, ensuring the safety of assets and usage.

In a nutshell, our non-custodial payment solution offers clients increased security, greater control, more privacy, and improved flexibility compared to traditional custodial services. 

In the near future, Skyline is focused on delivering crypto batch payments at a very low fee, which might be perfect for payroll and other effective uses for companies. We are also committed to developing cards, loans and factoring, and an invoicing tool to facilitate transactions.

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