January 22, 2024

10 different ways to benefit from Skyline Digital

Skyline Digital allows different types of payments, investments, and many other operations in one single platform.

Skyline Digital is a one-stop-shop for all your transactions in crypto and fiat, investments into real-world assets, treasury bills or crypto companies, and much more. We intend to empower businesses with an alternative to traditional banking and simultaneously be a solution that bridges the gap between TradFi and DeFi.

Skyline Digital is a platform that encompasses crypto to crypto payments, crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto transactions, token swaps, loans, cards, diverse investments, and much more. Our team compiled a list of the 10 most interesting use cases witnessed within our platform, showcasing the diverse ways users can benefit from our services.

1. Cruise in style with crypto - Buy a Tesla!

With Skyline Digital, one of our clients has used crypto to buy something remarkable: it was a Tesla vehicle! Through our platform, users can pay for Real World Assets (RWA) seamlessly with our crypto to fiat feature.

2. Open payroll possibilities - Pay your employees

One of the great advantages of Skyline Digital is the simplicity of payroll transactions. Companies can make crypto batch payments for FREE or pay crypto to fiat currencies to anywhere in the world. Users can also create a regular payment and replicate it monthly. Many of our clients use our solution to ensure their teams’ salaries and benefits are paid without any issue.

3. Attract more investment - Raise capital

Last Summer, we had the opportunity to talk to a client who wished to secure a Seed Investment round via Skyline Digital. This option not only enabled the company to attract funds from crypto investors but also presented the opportunity for traditional VCs to contribute in fiat and convert it into crypto through our platform.

4. Diversify your portfolio - Buy Treasury Bills

Companies are always more interested in diversifying their assets portfolio. At Skyline Digital, we can guide them among several options, including Treasury Bills, namely:

  • Backed IB01 $ Treasury Bond 0-1yr (bIB01)
  • Backed IBTA $ Treasury Bond 1-3yr (bIBTA)
  • Backed HIGH € High Yield Corp Bond (bHIGH)

We have provided several customers with this solution, with a high satisfaction and return rate.

5. Build a castle - Invest in Real Estate globally

Investing and buying Real Estate with any cryptocurrency or stablecoin is an option with Skyline Digital. Users can make secure transactions and buy a property in any geographic location with our platform.

6. Apply tokens for good - Swap for USDGLO

DAOs, investors, companies, and High Networth Individuals can swap their tokens for USDGLO, a fiat-backed stablecoin by Glo Dollar that has the goal of ending extreme poverty by supporting foundations such as GiveDirectly through revenue from their reserves.

7. Choose compliance and simplicity - Pay for legal fees

Ensure compliance with taxes and regulations by paying legal fees on Skyline Digital. Many clients worldwide trust our platform for convenient attorneys payments.

8. Ensure payments in different currencies - Hire contractors worldwide

Hire contractors around the world with Skyline Digital, ensuring payments in their preferred currency. Most of our clients opt for this solution since its seamless integration is effortless, and its flexibility opens doors to a global workforce.

9. Facilitate transactions from your clients - Receive payments in fiat and convert to crypto

Companies and DAOs can have their customers or members settle their invoices in several fiat currencies. Payments can be directed to either Skyline Digital’s main accounts, with a specific client reference, or sent to select users, directly into a named account. This facilitates smoother transactions between parties, opening a new world of possibilities.

10. Settle company expenses - Pay for teambuilding events 

Users can easily upload an invoice and settle payments for goods and services. Many of our clients do so. For example, one client had a company retreat with various expenses for accommodation, meals, and group activities. They used Skyline Digital to ensure all payments were made on time and without any trouble!

Extra feature:

For all use cases, Skyline Digital allows for easy account reconciliation by having descriptions of their transactions. This process is seamless by ensuring that all users write down the reasons for payments, which then helps them keep track of their transaction history. It also allows for one on-chain transaction to be reconciled with many fiat payments or onramps, reducing the workload for accountants or CFOs.

These are not just transactions, they’re experiences.

These are just some examples of use cases currently available on our platform. As we develop our solution, we are looking forward to having more and more use cases as clients give us their feedback as to which features they prefer for their daily operations. 

How about you? What would you use Skyline Digital for?

Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more!

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